Practice Based

The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) assesses educational leadership as a function, not just a single individual. CALL surveys all educators in the school to measure critical leadership practices and suggest strategies for school improvement. Suitable for both elementary and secondary schools, CALL surveys all administrators, teachers, instructional support staff, and student support staff concerning leadership practices throughout the school. Its purpose is improvement of student learning to support practitioners in their work, not performance evaluation of employees.

Traditionally, school leadership has been assessed by focusing solely on the individual principal. However, that approach does not capture the various leadership practices that are carried out by various other leaders (formal and informal) that occur throughout the school.

CALL utilizes a Distributed Leadership framework to assess the key instructional leadership practices that contribute to improved instruction and enhanced student learning.

Check out a sample CALL survey to see how the assessment captures specific practices.

The presentation below explains the theory behind, and the foundation of, the CALL System: