Top 10 / Bottom 10

There are many ways to cut into the CALL data. While the CALL feedback system identifies focus areasthere may be specific practices that are in need of attention but do not show up in the overall areas of strength or areas in need of improvement. Users can refer to the Top 10 / Bottom 10 feature that pulls out the highest rated and lowest rated items across the entire survey. These items may come from various domains and subdomains. And since CALL data is most actionable at the item-level, this feature helps education leaders drill down to the most pressing needs and specific strengths of their organization. 

There are a lot of data that comes out of the CALL system. Therefore, the goal for school and district leaders is to identify specific areas and/or practices on which to act for school improvement planning and professional development. This feature helps them reach this goal. 

Be sure to explore the sample CALL Data Feedback Report for more examples of these type of data.