Feedback: Strategies & Suggestions

Most assessments, in the education realm and beyond, are for the benefit of those conducting the assessments. When the CALL Team developed the Data Feedback System, we wanted to ensure that the data and feedback would benefit those who are being assessed: in this case, the school leaders. Therefore, users will find embedded feedback in the reporting system. For each subdomain, the system provides research-based strategies and suggestions to support the effort of making progress in that given area.

And, the system also provides links to pdf resources that school leaders can use and share with their leadership teams. School leaders can consider these practices: Is this work already being done? If so, how is it working? If not, how can we incorporate these strategies and suggestions?

To be sure, the implementation of the embedded strategies, suggestions, and resources does not guarantee immediate desired results; however, they do provide guidance to school leaders on next steps and provides a level of support not commonly found in assessment systems.