Interact with Data

Entering Notes into the CALL Reporting System

The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning reporting system is more than just a way to see the results from the CALL survey. School and district leaders can add "notes" into the system in any of the data blocks. This allows for an interactive approach to examining the CALL action-based data. 

School and district leaders can add comments, pose questions, and interact with each other through this function. Peers who have access to the report can respond to the comments and questions, which creates an opportunity for a dialogue around the data. Principals can enter in their own thoughts and pose questions to their leadership teams to consider for their next meeting.

Time is a scarce resource in education. And while it would be ideal for district leaders and/or school leadership coaches to meet face-to-face with school leaders, this function allows them the capacity at least to provide input and probing questions to guide school leaders in their work to analyze this action-based data and move forward with school improvement planning. 

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